Auto PP Strapping Band Winding Machine

4.5mm-16mm Auto Strapping Band Winding Machine

4.5mm-16mm range, auto change inner cone , no need air cylinder, no need to change any spare part to winding differnt size band.  It use PLC control the winding speed,  it will follow extrusion machine speed to adjust winding speed. Max it can reach 350-400meters/minute. It use PLC and electric weigher to adjust strapping band winding by length or weight.




1. About the winder 

The strapping winders of the series YD-PP are installed  with high efficiency extruders or cutting lines, an important quality component of the total line. High quality packages are main precondition for a smooth process, above all in fast running strap machines. The main precondition for first class sales packages are an almost camber-free strap as well as the exact maintenance of the winding tension of each strap width.  


2. Winder Components

The PP straps automatic winder is mainly composed of rolling plate, shaft, cable roller, cable guide frame, tensioner roller, traversing mechanism, hanging round of transmission, rack, electrical control and so on nine parts.


Principle of work: driven by moment motor to make the rolling plate rotate, wind the straps under the constant torque, automatically adjust the speed in accordance with the strap tightness degree, to guarantee the each circle on the disc with the same degree of tightness.



3. Winder technical parameters 


Power supply:


 2N~50HZ 220V


Frequency tolerance:

±20%, rapid change is unallowed


Motor power:              


1000w(running power (50-200w) 

Linear speed:             






Overall weight:             



Winding length:            

as per customer’s requirements.


Main shaft control:        

servo motor


Product specification:    

Width 4.5-16mm