Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

This flow wrapping machine is designed to unitize product packs as well as to individually package piece products in three seal bags ("Flow Pack"). Suitable for non shape ( irregular ) products as well as normal product.

Film go from buttom , a provision to operate with a photo sensor that reads photo marks on a packaging film,feed film to the collar shape bag former from underneath.

The machine design makes it possible to package products having various shapes: parallelepiped, cube, cylinder, truncated cone and more complex bodies. Bags are made of heat sealed film in reels.

Machine cover is milk white color , product contact part is stainless steel .

Follow some product is suitable to be packed by this machine:

1.     Piece- product packaging: medical infusion soft bag ,medical infrsion plastec bottles,soft articles,labor protection gloves

2.   Group packaging : Waffles, meat chops, bakery, soap, sponges, biscuit with tray etc.

3. Non standard products ( customization) Individual spoon, fork, knives, also suit for packing spoon ,fork, knife , napkin , toothpick ,etc




Max. film width


Packing speed

120 pack/min

Film thickness


Bag length

90–300 mm

Bag width


Product height

1–35 mm

Power supply

220v , 50/60 Hz , 2.4 KW, 1 Phase

Packing material


Machine size (L * W * H)

4200 × 710 x 1450 mm

Machine weight

700 Kg